Kate Innes - PCC Secretary Sheinton Church

Neal and Brian McCabe (Shropshire Decorators) undertook a major work of renovation and redecoration at St Peter and St Paul Church, Sheinton, during the winter, spring and summer of 2013 and have completed the work with exemplary results despite an extremely challenging project and environment.

Throughout the work of preparing unsound walls, stripping painting and woodwork and painting, the McCabe brothers have been professional, flexible, dedicated and a pleasure to work with. They have done over and above what was expected by the PCC and have maintained the integrity and character of the church throughout their work.

Neal and Brian were reliable in their quotation and their estimate of the time the job would take. They communicated with us effectively and thoroughly. They were also in regular contact with our architect and with members of the Diocesan Advisory Committee, and their input helped to ensure the success of our faculty application.

Neal and Brian showed a true interest and dedication to the particularities of church architecture during their time in Sheinton. They researched the church and were professional in their treatment of special features which were revealed during the work. At the end of the project, they produced a comprehensive dossier about the project of redecoration and the historic aspects of the church revealed during the work.

The PCC of St Peter and St Paul Sheinton would wholeheartedly recommend Shropshire Decorators for work in church buildings or in any other environment. Their integrity and hard work and have produced an excellent result. Our church is now beautifully restored and gives pleasure to all who visit and worship there.

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