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Internal Decorating

Protection/Preparation and Decoration:

We respect your home and belongings. Great care is taken in protecting your floor area, furniture and electrical appliances to keep free from dust prior to the preparation work. At the end of each working day we ensure that your home is left clean and tidy to minimise disruption. All areas of preparation to walls, ceilings, and internal fixtures will be thorough to ensure you receive the best possible paint finish. We can offer you our expertise in all the different paint finishes to suit your requirements and give your home the wow factor.

External Decorating

Due to the extreme weather events we have all experienced over the past few years, preparation, product selection and maintenance is key to preserving all your external timbers.

We don’t just focus on the decoration we will also check the rest of your property for:

  1. Failing gutters
  2. Cracked or blown render
  3. Pointing issues
  4. Structural movement
  5. Window and door seals

Thorough preparation is the most important area in decorating and is the most physically demanding. This is usually the area where corners are cut to save time; unfortunately for you this can be very costly. In these cases the paint system applied will certainly break down much quicker and will result in you having to search for another decorator.

Product selection is a critical choice; different types of timbers require specific primers and undercoats. If you get this wrong then the paint system will start to crack and flake and break down very quickly.

Maintenance: There are basic steps you can take to ensure that your timbers and paint finishes last as long as possible. We can advise you on how to take appropriate care of your windows and doors with a simple maintenance plan.


Our aim has always been to preserve and sympathetically restore all aspects of historical decoration for future generations to enjoy.

With any aspect of historical decoration the main focus is on preserving as much of the original features as possible. We carry out extensive trials of all products prior to decoration so we can ensure the best possible finish. So whether it’s a historical grade II * listed medieval church or a set of original Victorian shutters you want to restore please give us a call today.

The history of any building is very important, and that’s why we place so much emphasis on documenting and recording any additional historical information we discover. This can then be sharded with the client along with any additional organisations, the architect or English heritage. For example, on our last project we discovered a medieval wall painting fragment, some previously unknown Jacobean roof timbers still surviving within the roof structure and the names of the previous decorators who last painted the building in 1854.

Paint Stripping

This is an additional service we offer and covers a range of paint removal from materials including wood, metal, plaster, brick and stone. The paint removal process should not damage the substrate (the surface underneath the paint), with trials carried out prior to starting a job to identify the pre-existing paint layers and the substrate surface underneath.

We then can offer a service to suit your requirements using a variety of different paint removal methods:

  1. Sanding
  2. Heat gun
  3. Scraping
  4. Chemical stripper
  5. Chemical peel

Timber Repairs

We offer a timber repair service for all types of windows and doors. We can use a range of epoxy based products which provide an extremely effective system for repairing and filling rotten and damaged timber.

Rotten timber is usually caused by water/damp penetration. The most common reasons for this occurrence are; when the exterior paintwork has not been maintained or the perimeter sealant/pointing has failed.

We cover all aspects of exterior repairs for residential and historical buildings:

  1. Removal of rotten timber and splice in new timber
  2. Replace damaged putties or beading
  3. Re-pointing using modern or traditional methods
  4. Remove and replace cracked glazing units
  5. Exchange rotten sills with brand new custom made sills to match the originals



Paint Stripping



Barn Convertions


Timber Repairs


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